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NOTICE:  We are still open for drainage Emergency unblocking and repairs during COVID-19


Drain Unblocking


The most common approach to deal with blocked drains is to use high pressure water jetting.  In most cases this is the quickest and most efficient way to clear blockages.  We unblock baths, basins, sinks, toilets, showers, urinals, outside drains / manholes, gully's, main drains, rainwater drains, soak aways, saniflo's, gutters and all other drains.



Drain Lining


We are experts in this no dig repair system.  We sleeve the existing internal body of the old damaged drain pipe with a continuous length of smooth lining to provide a permanent fix. The benefit of this approach is it saves time and money as it mitigates the need for costly and disruptive excavations.  We line all types of drains including clay, pitch fibre, cast iron, uPVC and many more.



Drain patch repairs


Another form of the no dig repair drain patching can offer a more cost effective solution than excavation. Similar to a drain lining it repairs the internal body of pipe, however its differs due to patch fitted to the exact point to seal and fix crack or defect.  Advice will be offered as the most suitable approach upon assessment.



Drain CCTV surveys


CCTV offers quick and easy route to fault finding.  We also offer this as a preventative measure as part of pre purchase house surveys.   A written report is provided upon completion.



Drain Testing


We can provide air or water testing on existing or new drainage systems.



Root Cutting


Many problems in drains can be attributed to damage from tree roots or other plants.  Root cutting is performed using a mechanical root cutting tool in conjunction CCTV.  After cutting is completed the repair is completed using a resin patch or liner to seal the drain and to prevent roots re-entering.



Scale cutting and fat grease removal


Using various tools and high pressure water jets we remove scale, fat, grease and other debris.



Cement  in drain


Cement in drains can cause obstructions and block drains.  We have  various methods in the removal of cement in drains.



Excavation Drain Repairs


If any of the non invasive solutions are not viable we can excavate to perform the fix.  All excavations are made good with grounds returned to good order.

We excavate repair / replace all drains including clay , pitch fibre, cast iron, upvc and all others.




We repair and install leaking or damaged watermains pipes. Upgrading to modern pipework, removing existing lead or iron pipework


The Drain Fixers are experts in all water main repairs and leak detection and can attend fast to all emergency leaking pipes and water main problems. 


From finding a leak, experiencing low pressure or requiring a new water mains pipe installed please contact us for a free survey and estimate.


With no dig moleing solutions or trench digging, The Drain Fixers have experts to repair or renew your water mains in Chichester, Littlehampton, Worthing, Horsham, Bognor Regis, Arundel, Midhurst and surrounding areas.




We excavate and install rainwater soakaways. We also install various other drains to manager surface water including grided aco style drains, rainwater downpipes and gullies"




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Heres a video of a drain patch liner repair...